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SoulFire 4 The eARTh - April 2022

a planetary prayer + practice for Peace. With All Nations, All People – EveryWhere to honor the eARTh and cultivate Peace.

Calling all cultural creatives, artists, musicians and people of prayer to honor Earth Day turning 52…this legacy idea is a Grandmother now! Let’s Get Her Down off the Roof, and tend to the eARThing of HER Wisdom, in US. The possibility of planetary pARTicipation in PraiSING Life thru the cycle of moon and mystery present in April 2022, is awe inspiring.

New Moon April 1st – Opening Ceremonies – Statements of Intent

April 1-30 – Peace Practice Daily Prompts, Music, Art and Ceremony All around the eARTh, wherever WE are.

Daily check ins thru zoom rooms, social media, local ACTions, personal ceremonies and collective conversations.

“…the sun is always
rising somewhere…”

April 12th-16th 2022 – Turtle Women Rising and SoulFire Sanctuary Sponsor

A Stand For Peace -Drum, Dance + Pray 4 Peace

April 12th 2022 – Jupiter conjunct Neptune

April 16th – Full Moon Ceremony 

April 22nd – A planetary REB’eARTh pARTy for the legacy idea of Earth Day becoming a Grandma!

April 30th – New Moon Closing Circles, Gratitude + Announcement of Next Steps to keep the prayer moving and the circles growing.

This is A Planetary WEaving – both in person + online – to Instigate ACTion, Raise Our FREEquency + Become ARTiculators of what Peace Feels Like. We can help make the WErld a better place to be, simply by showing up.

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