SoulFire Circles reflect the perspectives that we are choosing to become a part of a Living Prophecy. When we show up with our willingness to PLAY and share our expressions of Art in Action (drumming, dance, poetry, chanting, gratitude, etc) we co-create a field of sweet medicine for our self, each other and our WErld.

We gather to PLAY and to CELEBRATE. We gather to LISTEN and to SING. We come together to EMBODY the rhythm of life, to express that as an offering for our own personal, planetary and collective wellness. Whether traditionally trained, or simple students of the life, SoulFire Circles is calling to the ones who share a common core value of being here to help Make The World a Better Place, Simply By Showing Up. Whether you are a long term drummer, a ceremonialist, a poet, a dancer, a singer or an artist, or you are new to these expressions of the heART, IF you have a yearning to answer a collective calling to come together with other PLU’s (PeopleLikeUs) tending to y/our personal and y/our collective SoulFire, this is a way to do that.

From the all night fires to our community drum and dance circles, SoulFire Circles are an invitation to explore what it means to co-create sacred space, to consciously collaborate and improvise musically, ceremonially and socially. Our tools are listening, drumming, dancing, collaborative art, poetry, prayer and singing, where we naturally co-create a field of possibility to instigate a shared “primary mystical experience” .

Sera SolsticeOver the many years of  acknowledging the sacred like this, we have learned some things about the power of the collective intention that supports us personally to EMBODY harmony. Our world is filled with noise, and there are far to few places where we can reside in peace. As more and more of us are exploring practices, authentic expressions and resonate perspectives to connect us with our capacity to be a Spiritual Activist, and trust our personal connection to Spirit. From all walks of life, and most places on our eARTh mother, there are PLU’s who want to come together with others to co-create community drum circles, seasonal ceremony and eclectic group rituals that are guided by gratitude. SoulFire Circles are one way to explore this.

We are stronger together, when we each hold a bit of the power and potency of collective intention to EMBODY Harmony.

Contact us if these thoughts intrigue you to connect with other PLU’s in the gatherings we are offering and the ones we support, or if we can help you EMBODY some of these principles in your home community.

Peace Matters.
Mz. imani