Teaching Circles


Experience is the Ultimate Trainer

When you train with Mz. imani, you train in the realms of the experience, and in the sacred space of the circle: inside, outside, urban or in nature, the experience of the circle is the most important. Whether that be in a one to one experience with Mz. imani, or with a group that she guides, there will always surprises and there will always be core principles. Weaving the crossroads of known and unknown, together with the Inner realm of meditation, visualization & journey work with the outer realm of drumming, singing, art, dialogue, and community circles, this Art in Action has the potential to align our personal and planetary connection of body.mind.spirit.

Mz. imani was blessed by the fire by Babatunde Olatunji. Many years ago, in the late 80’s, in Asheville, NC. Clearly he poured something into her heART and head that laid down a very strong spiritual and shamanic sensabitlity to her foundational experiences of drumming. As a teacher and a friend, Olatunji profoundly changed (and charged) her life with the ancestral spirits of the drum and the fire. These experiences put her on a path where she would discover her inner calling and community.

Mz. imani and her walk with the drum is over 25 years, has taken her many places, and her community is far and wide. All of what she has learned as a woman who plays the drum and tends to the sacred fire, is present in her teachings. She actively supports women returning to the drum and inspiring the collectives contributions and direct experience of tending to y/our personal and planetary, SoulFire. If you want to (or you do) tend to something like, this in your community, please consider participating in the trainings Mz. imani offers.