Portal Trainings

Potential + Practice = Personal Power

the potential that resides within us as an individual and as a collective consciousness is a re-source that has not been fully activated. how good can it get? i mean that in the most humble balanced way of harmony for all planetary and universal beings. if we really knew what we are capable of, and we remembered to hold kindness at the center of our guiding compass…all things could come round rite. the WErld, would know peace.

when we practice expanding our heARTs wisdom we are stretching our consciousness, this activates us to actualize the potential that resides with in us, simply by showing up and redirecting energy. when we practice expansion and allowance this redirecting of energy shifts us from our brain to our belly. Thoughts become signs that show up within y/our experience, pointing us towards choice. WE can go forward, or continue in the roundabout of emotional loops humanity has gotten lost in.

Portals are naturally occurring and everywhere. I see them as access points to the circulatory system of our Biosphere and the Universal Intelligence that appreciate being tended. My experience is, that whether we acknowledge it or not, Portals do have an influence on us and we do have an influence on them. I feel that at this moment in time on our planet, owning this influence is helpful, because Life is Craving Our Connection and the Portals WANT to be tended.

I am consistently encountering many of modern culture who are seeking ways to respond to the spiritual awakening that is happening within our midsts. Our personal lives and collective human consciousness can now connect and respond from an authentic place of ceremonial and artistic expression. It is possible that you can find other PLU’s (PeopleLikeUs) and instigate others to come together to honor the seen and unseen allies, and energetic systems of life.

It matters to me that i support the “meme” that your own internal navigation system, is FUNctioning. I like that we walk with integrity. In circles. i like knowing sometimes i need a hand and my Krewe is there. My strength is in navigating the unknown, and being a nexUS point that helps us find our Krewe… these trainings are to share what i have learned. Ultimately, YOU must codify your own system, i am just here to offer you my experience, as well as some juicy questions, interesting perspectives, hard and soft boundaries, soul-utions, options and consultations, in codifying YOUR system of what WErks for you and what does not WErk (both for you or 4 our comm(on)UNITY).

I know that this immersion can strengthen your relationship with Life. Your allies, both seen and unseen, are waiting for you, they want to help. Be willing to stretch! One Happy Consequence of our time with each other, is that in the dance of art, divination, meditation, dialogue, elemental music, silence and ceremony, beauty will influence our awareness of what personal power means and how we can resource our own internal guidance systems. WE Win, WE One!

The ways i approach, access, tend, maintain, open, connect, clear, close and respond to these Portals of Possibility, matters to me. i am only now truly opening my door to you to come and sit with me, as i had to live this WErk, to know what WErks for me to BE love. To embody HER teachings.

Classes start in Jan.2014
panthecary@gmail.com for more info